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Krakow is among cities with the city center well prepared for bicycle traffic. Most streets of the Old Town are off-limits to motorized traffic, and well-planned bike lanes allow you to move comfortably and safely from one place to another. Krakow bike tour includes the Old Town, Kazimierz and Ghetto.


Our Krakow cycling tour starts from St. Mary’s Basilica. From its tower you can hear St. Mary’s Trumpet Call, which for centuries has been played to four corners of the world. Then we go to take a look at the old city walls. On the way to the Main Square, we pass the Princes Czartoryski Museum and see Floriańska Street with a perfect view of St. Mary’s Church at its end. 

Krakow bike tour

While sightseeing Krakow by bike, we make a lap around the Market Square, stopping at the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice). On the Market Square Kraków’s florists have been selling flowers for years. Florists, as well as a large number of pigeons, adds an important element of the ambiance of the Market Square. Later we take a turn into one of the streets where we find Collegium Maius – the oldest building of the Jagiellonian University where many prominent Poles studied. Further on, we get to the Pope’s window from where Pope John Paul II used to meet with young people. We will also be able to see the church and the oldest Franciscan monastery in Poland, operating in Krakow since the 13th century.


We continue the cycling tour of Krakow, riding through Planty Park towards Wawel. On Wawel Hill there is the Cathedral and the courtyard of the Royal Castle, which for centuries was the residence of the Polish kings.

Krakow bike tour

The cycling tour of Krakow leads us then to the foot of the Hill, where we will have a chance to see the statue of the Wawel Dragon. This tour stop is especially popular among the kids. The dragon breathes fire, arousing fear and admiration of all the spectators, eager to capture the moment on the photos. Standing under the Dragon, we find ourselves nearby the Vistula Boulevards, which are the area very conducive to active recreation. On sunny days, the Boulevards are swarming with walkers, runners and cyclists. There is also a bicycle path that will take us to the Kazimierz district.


Krakow bike tour

In Kazimierz, we visit several key points connected with the history of the district. These include Józefa Street, where the house of prayer “Kowea Itim Ie-Tora” is located.  At the end, we will see the Old Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Poland.

We finish the Krakow bike tour, on the other side of the bridge over the Vistula River with a visit to the Bohaterów Getta Square and the Eagle Pharmacy. These places witnessed the history of the Jews in the ghetto. We will stop by to see the unusual installation art monument in the form of large chairs standing in the square. From there we will go to Oskar Schindler’s factory, whose founder saved over 1000 Jews from extermination.

When visiting Kazimierz by bike, it is a good idea to pay attention not only to the monuments, but also to numerous restaurants, pubs and small stores offering local products. It is worth coming back here in the evening to feel the ambiance of this place loved by locals and tourists visiting the district.

The Krakow bike tour is also possible on electric bikes. More information is available at this link.